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    Code Library (96)
      Name Posted By Released
    DelayedCall Utility Class T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      A little class that can be used to postpone the invokation of a function or object method
    Drag n Drop Re-Orderable DataGrid Columns T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      A Customer Header Renderer
    Resizeable TitleWindow T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      The TitleWindow component in Flex 1.5 does not support resizing.
    Cursor Trailer Component T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Manish revamps Jesse's original Cursor Trail Component
    DataGrid HyperLink Cell Renderer T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Creates an event when clicked. From Jesse Warden.
    Clock Component T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Client PC Time Component - Jesse Warden
    Four Cell Renderers T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      The download contains several interesting examples.
    Gauge Component T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      It includes some skin files, too
    Extended DateChooser Component T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Now Compatible with Flex 1.5
    Resource bundle utility classes for Flex (and sample app) T.Ahmed 24 JAN 05
      Following the discussion about ressource bundles on FlexCoders mailing list
    Draggable Minimizable/Maximizable Panel Class T.Ahmed 31 JAN 05
      how to create Panels that can be minimized/maximized
    Extended Datefield T.Ahmed 24 FEB 05
      TextInput with optional DateChooser component
    TreeGrid T.Ahmed 28 FEB 05
      A Tree + Datagrid Copmonent.
    DoubleClick Component T.Ahmed 02 MAR 05
      Detect and deal with a doubleclick event in Flex
    Resizeable,Mini/Maximizable TitleWindow T.Ahmed 07 MAR 05
      Andrew Spaulding combines many components into one
    DateAdd for ActionScript T.Ahmed 02 JUN 05
      For use by Macromedia Flex Developers
    DateDiff For Actionscript T.Ahmed 02 JUN 05
      DateDiff function for Macromedia Flex Developers
    DoubleClickDispatcher T.Ahmed 03 JUN 05
      Since there's no built-in way in the Flash Player to register for double clicks...
    HAccordion Control T.Ahmed 20 JUN 05
      Horizontal Accordion Pane / Panel
    TruncatedTextInput - Auto Chomp Input T.Ahmed 24 JUN 05
      A TextInput control subclass called TruncatedTextInput.
    XMLHelper T.Ahmed 24 JUN 05
      Converts the XML to an Object Needed for the modules
    Custom Calendar T.Ahmed 12 JUL 05
      An Extended Calendar Component for Macromedia Flex
    Flex Chart Explorer T.Ahmed 13 JUL 05
      Browse various charting examples in Macromedia Flex
    Dial Component T.Ahmed 09 AUG 05
      A visual component similar to a gauge made in Flash for Flex
    TimePicker Component T.Ahmed 15 AUG 05
      Similar to the Microsoft Style one in Windows XP
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