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    Code Library (96)
      Name Posted By Released
    AdvancedForm Component T.Ahmed 24 AUG 06
      Provides Reset, Undo, Redo functionality
    Artellis Reflection Component T.Ahmed 17 JUL 07
      Acts as a reflective surface, displaying live visual reflection
    Artemis - Java Libararies to Flex T.Ahmed 17 APR 07
      Provide features in the Flex / Flash desktop application domain that are not currently available
    AS3 PNG Encoder T.Ahmed 18 AUG 06
      Capture your UI and save it as a PNG
    AS3 Spellchecking Library T.Ahmed 12 OCT 07
      Add Spell Checking to your Flex Applications
    AutoComplete Text Input Control V0.6 T.Ahmed 17 APR 06
      A typeahead / autosuggest control for Flex 2
    Blogger Data AS3 API T.Ahmed 14 SEP 07
      Allows client apps to view and update Blogger content in the form of Google data API
    Cascade List Component T.Ahmed 06 MAR 07
      Works with Tree Components
    CF-Flex-User-Auth T.Ahmed 11 JAN 09
      A starter Flex to ColdFusion starter application
    CheckBoxList UI Component T.Ahmed 04 OCT 05
      A Flex CheckBox Control that iterates over a list of items.
    Clock Component T.Ahmed 07 DEC 05
      Flex2 Based simple clock component
    Clock Component T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Client PC Time Component - Jesse Warden
    Coldfusion + Flex 2 Session Tracker T.Ahmed 17 APR 06
      Used to track CF session activity in real time.
    Convertable TreeList T.Ahmed 05 MAR 07
      Combines the List and Tree controls
    Cursor Trailer Component T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Manish revamps Jesse's original Cursor Trail Component
    Custom Calendar T.Ahmed 12 JUL 05
      An Extended Calendar Component for Macromedia Flex
    CustomRowColorDataGrid component T.Ahmed 04 OCT 06
      Custom DataGrid that let's you easily change the background color
    DataGrid HyperLink Cell Renderer T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      Creates an event when clicked. From Jesse Warden.
    DateAdd for ActionScript T.Ahmed 02 JUN 05
      For use by Macromedia Flex Developers
    DateDiff For Actionscript T.Ahmed 02 JUN 05
      DateDiff function for Macromedia Flex Developers
    Decision Matrix Tool w/source T.Ahmed 16 DEC 09
      Developed for the military
    Degrafa T.Ahmed 22 DEC 08
      Declarative Drawing Format
    DelayedCall Utility Class T.Ahmed 15 JAN 05
      A little class that can be used to postpone the invokation of a function or object method
    Dial Component T.Ahmed 09 AUG 05
      A visual component similar to a gauge made in Flash for Flex
    DoubleClick Component T.Ahmed 02 MAR 05
      Detect and deal with a doubleclick event in Flex
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