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    Beginner's Tips (247)
      Name Posted By Released
    Create XML From String B.Blackerby 19 FEB 08
      Useful in merging XML with PDF
    Popup Login Form Example C. 01 FEB 07
      Pass data from the popup window back to the main application
    Collapsing Panels C. 06 FEB 07
      Modifying the UI of a flex application
    Disabling dates on a calendar component C. 10 FEB 07
      Disabling dates on the calendar (DateChooser) component
    Tip with referencing PopUp Windows j.Hirschi 23 MAR 07
      Instantiating Pop Up Windows and making it easier to pass parameters
    User-Friendly Time Entry Sample K.Reddington 21 MAR 07
      Making it easy for the user to enter time in the proper format without the need for error checking.
    Better PopUp Confirmation Window R.Zuniga 23 JUL 07
      Using Alert to create a simpler pop-up confirmation window.
    Add Slight Delay When Dragging an Object R.Zuniga 14 SEP 07
      Reduce mouse sensitivity when dragging objects.
    Simple Parallel Effect Using Actionscript R.Zuniga 23 MAR 07
      How to add parallel effects to your components using only Actionscript
    ArrayCollection Copy R.Zuniga 16 MAR 07
      How to create a copy of an ArrayCollection and not a reference.
    Array Shuffle R.Zuniga 19 MAR 07
      Very basic shuffle function
    Modify Loaded XML Data R.Zuniga 19 MAR 07
      Modify loaded XML data in the RESULT event handler using the "for each" loop.
    Handling The Change Event of Navigators R.Zuniga 21 MAY 07
      Handle the accordion's change event and access its selectedChild property.
    Debug Applications In The Server R.Zuniga 23 MAY 07
      Debug applications that are uploaded in the server.
    Focus Not Automatically Set To The PopUp Window R.Zuniga 23 MAY 07
      Set the focus away from the button that instantiated the PopUp window.
    Resizing Images By Dragging The Corner R.Zuniga 25 MAY 07
      How to resize images by dragging their corner.
    Preventing Underlying Objects From Processing An Event R.Zuniga 30 MAR 07
      Using stopPropagation() to prevent underlying objects from processing an event.
    Simple Horizontal And Vertical Dashed Lines R.Zuniga 03 APR 07
      A simple way to draw your own dashed lines, vertical and horizontal only
    PopUp Confirmation Window R.Zuniga 09 APR 07
      How to display a custom modal confirmation window.
    Creating a Custom Menu Using Item Renderers R.Zuniga 18 APR 07
      Create a custom menu component that can display images or swfs as menu items.
    Create A Bitmap Of An Object Using BitmapData R.Zuniga 18 MAY 07
      A simple way to grab the bitmap of any display object.
    How to Apply Code Behind to Components R.Zuniga 05 JUL 07
      Using code behind to create components results in cleaner and more organized code.
    Draggable UITextField R.Zuniga 28 FEB 07
      Creating draggable UITextField controls at runtime
    Really Simple Flex File Download Example R.Favro 24 NOV 06
      Flex File Download
    Accessing Complex Data Types from a DataGrid S.Russel 12 FEB 07
      How to access deeper levels of your structure in a DataGridColumn
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