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    Intermediate Tips (183)
      Name Posted By Released
    Webservice example T.Spratt 03 JAN 07
      Uses e4x, sets default xml namespace, and uses labelFunction
    Login System with Flex and PHP D.Neri 02 JAN 07
      Learn how to create a login system with Flex as a front-end and PHP as the back-end.
    A Little ActionScript 3 Reflection T.Rushin Jr 29 DEC 06
      Using describeType to introspect Flex classes
    User inactivity timeout example T.Spratt 18 DEC 06
      uses Timer, getTimer, provides a confirmation period.
    Linking Data-Aware Controls T.Ahmed 15 DEC 06
      How do I populate a DataGrid based on a selection from a ComboBox?
    Dynamically create several ArrayCollections T.Spratt 14 DEC 06
      Store references to them in an associative array, for easy access
    TreeItemRenderer draws lines between siblings T.Spratt 13 DEC 06
      Similar to Windows Explorer
    XML text node access, HTML itemRenderer T.Spratt 13 DEC 06
      Reads XML, builds htmlText with tags, clicking shows detail
    Calculated datagrid column using custom item object T.Spratt 01 DEC 06
      Use a custom object to provide a calculated column, saved to the dataProvider
    Use an itemRenderer to calculate a column value T.Spratt 30 NOV 06
      A custom itemRenderer calculates a value from other columns and updates the dataprovider
    Add components programmatically with addChild() T.Spratt 28 NOV 06
      A "Hello, World" example using addChild to dynamically create controls
    Use timer to poll HTTPService, update DataGrid T.Spratt 22 NOV 06
      Uses the FlexStore catalog.xml file
    CheckBox itemRenderer T.Spratt 22 NOV 06
      CheckBox state is tied to dataProvider and retained when scrolled. Uses XML dataProvider
    Sample server-side log in T.Spratt 16 NOV 06
      Uses jsp or aspx file to authenticate a user. Encryption example in aspx
    Hide - Show DataGrid Columns programmatically T.Spratt 13 NOV 06
      Use a multi-select list to toggle the visiblilty of columns
    Dynamic DataGrid columns T.Spratt 13 NOV 06
      Example of how to dynamically create DataGridColumns
    Flex2 LocalDebugger API E.Feminella 07 NOV 06
      Provides a simple debugger which handles recursively tracing an object
    Advanced DataGrid Code Samples T.Ahmed 31 OCT 06
      A whole wack load of examples on how to use the datagrid for advanced display
    Get, modify and save an XML file on the server T.Spratt 31 OCT 06
      Use JSP or ASP.NET HTTPService and Tree + Datagrid to edit xml file
    Glass Data Grid T.Hoff 18 OCT 06
      Control DataGrid transparency with CSS
    Using a Hierarchy of Components to Populate Tree Control T.Ahmed 29 SEP 06
      Dynamic Tree/Node/Leaf Generation Based off Nested CF Components
    Flex Performance Tricks T.Ahmed 26 SEP 06
      Making your apps load and run faster
    Managing with multiple XML namespace in Flex 2 applications T.Ahmed 12 SEP 06
      Flex 2 allows developers to define different xml name spaces in order to invoke external classes or MXML components through different packages.
    Filter Data Example R.Hughes 25 AUG 06
      Filtering XML Data from Http source
    DataGrid rowColors T.Hoff 26 JUL 06
      Conditionally change DataGrid rowColors through CSS
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