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    Beginner's Tips (247)
      Name Posted By Released
    Auto / Default Sort on a DataGrid T.Ahmed 12 JUL 05
      When an application starts, how to ensure the datagrid automatically sorts in a particular column
    Component Binding to Application level items T.Ahmed 12 JUL 05
      Binding a Model in the component scope to something in the Application scope
    Center a PopUp Window T.Ahmed 11 JUL 05
      Tips on how to center position a Pop Up Window in Macromedia Flex
    Set Initial Items of a mult-select List T.Spratt 08 JUL 05
      Using a delimited string, select the items in a mult-select list
    Get Mouse Position T.Spratt 08 JUL 05
      Get the X and Y positions of the mouse on mousedown and mousemove
    Using an itemRenderer to set scaleX and scaleY in a list T.Ahmed 05 JUL 05
      Setting the scale values based on the selected item in a list
    DataGrid Sort Arrows T.Ahmed 03 JUL 05
      Turning the Sorting Arrows on and off and finding the sortIndex.
    After Closing a TitleWindow / Popup nothing is accessible T.Ahmed 29 JUN 05
      Closing a pop-up window results in not being able to do anything after
    Embedding Copyright and Trademark Symbols T.Ahmed 24 JUN 05
      Displaying special characters in Macromedia Flex
    Hide Tab on a TabNavigator depending on context T.Ahmed 21 JUN 05
      Hide/Hiding/Visible/Invisible/Display ... whatever you want to call it.
    Fade Effect Your Text To a Certain Color T.Ahmed 20 JUN 05
      An example of fading the color of text to green
    Overriding the Application background gradient T.Ahmed 20 JUN 05
      Don't like that greyish background? Here's how to change it.
    Set the selected item for a comboBox or dataGrid T.Spratt 15 JUN 05
      Loop over the dataProvider items, find a match for a value, and set the current selected line
    ToolTip Customization T.Ahmed 10 JUN 05
      Using CSS Customize the background color for example of a textinput
    A really Simple Popup Window #2 - Passing Parameters T.Ahmed 02 JUN 05
      Here's how to pass a parameter from a panel to a popupwindow
    Use URL Request Parameters to send data to Flex App T.Spratt 02 JUN 05
      Using URL Request Parameters to send data to a Flex application
    Setting up Flex 1.5 on JRun with Apache T.Ahmed 01 JUN 05
      A quick primer on how to install Flex + Jrun front ended by apache
    Commentary on deciding to use Flex T.Ahmed 01 JUN 05
      Interesting posts regarding making the Macromedia Flex choice collected here
    Out of the box Themes T.Ahmed 26 MAY 05
      What themeColor styles are available out of the box?
    Validating XML T.Ahmed 24 MAY 05
      Utilizing XSD Validation
    Changing background color of a Datagrid Row T.Ahmed 12 MAY 05
      A quick tip from Brandon Purcell
    setFocus() on a TextInput T.Ahmed 09 MAY 05
      The correct way to set the focus of a Macromedia Flex TextInput control
    How do I get the URL/URI of an MXML Page? T.Ahmed 27 APR 05
      What property contains the current query string, path, file information
    What Is Flex - An Intro for CF Developers T.Ahmed 19 APR 05
      A basic introduction geared towards Coldfusion folk.
    Using color in a textArea T.Ahmed 14 APR 05
      Is there a way to programmatically add color to select portions of text?
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