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    Beginner's Tips (247)
      Name Posted By Released
    Debugging WebService calls w/TCP Monitor T.Ahmed 11 JAN 06
      A cool tool that comes with jrun lets you monitor web service calls
    Flex Coding Advice T.Ahmed 07 DEC 05
      Getting your mind prepared for coding in Actionscript3 and Flex2
    Using Formatters in Flex T.Ahmed 07 DEC 05
      How to use the Flex 1.5 mx.formatters.NumberFomatter
    Flex2 PopUp Window Transparency T.Ahmed 05 DEC 05
      In Flex2 the TitleWindow defaults to having a transparent title bar
    FlexBuilder2 Error regarding content of elements must consist... T.Ahmed 30 NOV 05
      The cause of: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.
    Debugging Flex Coldfusion Connectivity Tip T.Ahmed 21 NOV 05
      If you're having troubles trying to debug macromedia flex to coldfusion here's an idea for you.
    Using Constraint Based Layouts T.Ahmed 14 NOV 05
      A beginner's look at the constraints-based layout in Macromedia Flex 2
    ExternalInterface API Example T.Ahmed 26 OCT 05
      Javascript to Flex Communication
    Setup for FlexBuilder 2 - ColdFusion adapter T.Ahmed 25 OCT 05
      A quick example of installing the CF Adapter for the new Flex2 AMF
    Flex 2 & Coldfusion Connectivity T.Ahmed 21 OCT 05
      A thorough lesson on hooking up Flex 2 with Macromedia CF
    Dynamically create DataGrid columns from XML T.Spratt 13 OCT 05
      Dynamically create DataGrid columns from XML
    Coldfusion & Flex: Integration T.Ahmed 16 SEP 05
      How to integrate CFCs, Macromedia Flex, RemotectObjects, Etc...
    Export DataGrid to Excel via Clipboard T.Ahmed 09 SEP 05
      Read Flex DataGrid, build HTML and put on clipboard for export to Excel or wherever
    KeyDown handler on editable DataGrid T.Spratt 09 SEP 05
      KeyDown handler on editable DataGrid
    Extending Component results in parse element error T.Ahmed 09 SEP 05
      If you extend a custom component make sure to refer to any subtags in the same namespace
    How to set the text color of a Tab or LinkBar T.Ahmed 06 SEP 05
      Using a Style to change the text color of a Tab when selected
    Including Custom Components - Namespace Approaches T.Ahmed 01 SEP 05
      Different ways to instantiate your custom Flex Components
    Flex getURL and JavaScript T.Ahmed 01 SEP 05
      Popping up new windows and detecting if the parent is still alive and hasn't been closed by the user
    Passing Variables to Flash in IE vs Firefox T.Ahmed 15 AUG 05
      If you're embedding your Macromedia Flex application inside a Coldfusion, JSP, etc... Page here's a little tidbit worth noting.
    Known Bug regarding Loading MXML via JSP in WebLogic T.Ahmed 15 AUG 05
      A bug has been identified in Macromedia Flex 1.5 running WebLogic 8.1 SP3 on Solaris related to perpetual recompiles
    Antialiased text in Flex T.Ahmed 03 AUG 05
      Embed custom antialias friendly fonts into your flex apps
    "Out of Memory" error with Tomcat T.Spratt 02 AUG 05
      "Out of Memory" error with Tomcat
    Tweaking the MenuBarItem's Padding T.Ahmed 28 JUL 05
      For those trying to make the first item flush to the left there's an undocumented attribute you can set.
    Rich WYSIWYG Text Editor T.Ahmed 17 JUL 05
      What's the deal
    Using XML dataProvider with DataGrid: labelFunction T.Spratt 12 JUL 05
      Using XML dataProvider with DataGrid: labelFunction
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