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    Intermediate Tips (183)
      Name Posted By Released
    Datagrid Validation T.Ahmed 11 MAY 05
      Building renderers that restrict data inside a cell
    Configuring Flex for your own custom classes dir T.Ahmed 11 MAY 05
      For us Coldfusion guys who want to set up Macromedia Flex similar to CFMX
    Rotate a Label T.Ahmed 27 APR 05
      Rotating the text in a label
    Vertical Text T.Ahmed 27 APR 05
      Displaying Text Vertically
    When CFC Structs don't transfer properly T.Ahmed 27 APR 05
      If you're having issues with a CF Structure not being preserved...
    Trim that String! T.Ahmed 27 APR 05
      What's the right approach to trim down a string in Macromedia Flex?
    Using Remote Objects in Flex and Coldfusion CFCs - Part 1 T.Ahmed 27 APR 05
      The first piece in a Flash/Flex Remoting to CF article by Dirk Eismann
    Basic Broadcast & Listener communication T.Ahmed 11 APR 05
      Communicating between components
    Exchanging data between two MXML Components T.Ahmed 08 APR 05
      Wow to communicate from one custom component to another
    ComboBox Tutorial T.Ahmed 07 APR 05
      Another quick and dirty beginners tutorial on ComboBox events and Dynamic ComboBox lists
    Changing The Color of an Array Object T.Ahmed 21 MAR 05
      Using Actionscript
    Buffer FLV Video T.Ahmed 21 MAR 05
      How can I buffer the whole flv video before displaying it in MediaDisplay controller?
    Installing Flex under CF7 / CFMX7 T.Ahmed 08 MAR 05
      There seems to be some problems related to sharing context roots
    Problems with CFC's that Return a CLOB DataType T.Ahmed 08 MAR 05
      If you're using a WebService or RO and returning the query with a clob column, you may have problems.
    Drag and Drop on an mx:Image T.Ahmed 07 MAR 05
      What to do since mx:Image doesn't have a dragEnabled attributes.
    Make a tree view scroll up on a drag event T.Ahmed 04 MAR 05
      Is there a way to make the tree view scroll up AUTOMATICALLY when the item being dragged reaches the bottom periphery of the container?
    Use TreeItems when drag and drop to a tree T.Ahmed 04 MAR 05
      Don't use items
    Creating Individual Tool tips for each link in a linkbar T.Ahmed 03 MAR 05
      Instead of just one overall tool tip.
    Using the Change Event in a ViewStack T.Ahmed 02 MAR 05
      Simple example to track some variables related to clicking on viewstack pages
    Getting a reference to a window created using getURL T.Ahmed 25 FEB 05
      Opening a window once, and re-using that window with a new url.
    How to use different icons in a tree T.Ahmed 22 FEB 05
      Using different icons at each tree level
    Setting the browser title from Flex T.Ahmed 17 FEB 05
      One way to do it is to call a JavaScript function in the HTML wrapper that changes the page's title
    Find out when an effect has ended T.Ahmed 10 FEB 05
      Receiving and event when an even thas finished
    Printing scrollable content in a TextArea T.Ahmed 04 FEB 05
      An idea of how to print scrollable content in a TextArea
    Cell Renderer Causing Row Height Problems T.Ahmed 04 FEB 05
      Scrollbar movement results in row heights that gradually increase...
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