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OrchestraDesigner:We need your suggestion

Nov 08, 2010 - OrchestraDesigner:We need your suggestion
OrchestraDesigner,A Collaborative Modeling Tools

Orchestra Designer is an open source project from "Web 2.0 BPM editor" topic of 2009 OW2 Programming Contest. The objective of this project is to build an online workflow designer that generates BPEL processes. Those processes can be accepted by Orchestra, which is an open source BPEL engine released on OW2 platform. The designer is developed on Flex, targeted to non-technical people and provides a more business-oriented functional view of the process than pure BPEL view. Orchestra Designer Project won the 2009 OW2 Open Source Software Competition in May 2009 and established relations with BULL Company, and released on the Trustie Platform as Open Source Project according to the LGPL V3 Standard. By now, it has been the most popular project in the Trustie Platform and with the amount of 6550 downloads (as of September 16, 2010) as the second downloads.

The initial developers of this project come from ACT lab of Beihang University (BUAA). The members are Sun Dou,Li Zhuqing,Yin Yiwei,Li Kexin,Lu Yue,Zou Jianing and Meng Song.

If you have any suggestion,please e-mail to me:

We look forward to receiving form you.





License: GPL (GNU General Public License), Version 3

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