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Learning Cairngorm (Part 4)

Nov 06, 2007 - Learning Cairngorm (Part 4)
User Gestures have Changed

Applications have grown in complexity these days and there are many different ways that the user will need to interact with your application. Every opportunity that a user has to interact with your applications is a gesture. In the traditional HTML interface world, each gesture requires the loading of a new page. AJAX has changed this somewhat, and Flex has changed it a lot. Sorting a data grid or filtering a group of data can all be done without a round trip to the server? This is part of what leads to a rich experience for the user. A benefit of Cairngorm is that all gestures, whether or not a round trip to the server is needed, can be treated exactly the same. No matter what is going on, we have a standard set approach, and can use that to more easily debug potential problems.

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