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Eric Feminella Util API

Dec 09, 2006 - Eric Feminella Util API
compiled utilities package

I have made a some of my utility classes and API's available as open source. The utils package contains many useful API's such as Iterators, HashMaps, DeepCopy utils etc. You can view my post which breaks down each class in the package as well as a brief description, Complete API documentation and swc download. Should you have any questions regarding basic usage of any of the utilities feel free to contact me. Utils API ASDOC: Utils .swc download: Blog post: Thanks, Eric Feminella

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Created On Dec, 09, 2006 by Eric Feminella
Last Modified On Dec, 09, 2006 by Eric Feminella
Group: Tips and Articles
Flex Versions: 2.0
Category: Actionscript
Type: Tool
Difficulty: Advanced
Keywords: HashMap, Iterator, DeepCopy