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Decision Matrix Tool w/source

Dec 16, 2009 - Decision Matrix Tool w/source
Developed for the military

If you have a few minutes I would really appreciate you checking out an application I wrote. The application automates some actions common to US Military staff planning by building a dynamic, interactive decision-matrix. I’ll discuss the use case for the application and then end with links to the source code for the app (easily read, copied, downloaded) and link to the online version of the app.

First a disclaimer: This is really a simple thing. Since it takes advantage of the powerful capabilities of Adobe Flex it is under 200 lines of code and if I were a better programmer it would probably be a whole lot smaller. And, although I think this is laid out like many old style military decision matrix graphics, I’m not much of a designer. So if you have any advice/thoughts/tips for me on either design or coding (or anything else) I would really appreciate it.

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Created On Dec, 16, 2009 by Tariq Ahmed
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