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Dec 22, 2008 - Degrafa
Declarative Drawing Format

Adobe's Flex platform now offers FXG, an interchangeable graphics format. But while FXG takes its cues from scalable vector graphics, the Degrafa project brings declarative SVG directly into Flex. The developers of this open-source graphics framework say that it eases the use of scalable vector graphics and animations in Flex development. Jason Hawryluk, co-founder and architect of Degrafa, said that ActionScript isn't up to snuff when it comes to certain graphical tasks. “In ActionScript, at the programming level, it is very difficult to do things like [draw] arrows and pie charts and wedge-shaped objects, so we wanted to bring those commands up a level into a framework that would allow developers to create graphics, and not have to know all the under-the-hood stuff,”

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