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    Recent Postings
    06-DEC-07 Track user navigation and action with Google Analytics
    Even track sales. Very easy, very little code.
    25-NOV-07 ComboBox itemRenderer with row-level list options
    An extended ComboBox, wrapped in itemRenderer
    04-OCT-07 DataGrid with row number field
    Number rows using labelFunction
    06-AUG-07 ComboBox with selectedValue support
    Extended control by Ben Forta
    06-JUL-07 Communicate with App loaded by SWFLoader
    Shows event handlers necessary to know when loaded app can be accessed.
    06-JUL-07 Position popup when app is resized
    PopUp maintains position at right of screen as the application is resized
    28-MAR-07 Synchronized Trees
    Expand, collapse or select node is duplicated in second tree
    08-MAR-07 Get client IP address with HTTPService call
    Sample uses an aspx page to return the client IP to flex
    08-MAR-07 Bind to XML
    You can bind directly to XML attributes for Tree, DataGrid, Label
    11-JAN-07 Hyperlink component
    Extends Text, uses htmlText, uses custom event
    03-JAN-07 Webservice example
    Uses e4x, sets default xml namespace, and uses labelFunction
    18-DEC-06 User inactivity timeout example
    uses Timer, getTimer, provides a confirmation period.
    14-DEC-06 Dynamically create several ArrayCollections
    Store references to them in an associative array, for easy access
    13-DEC-06 TreeItemRenderer draws lines between siblings
    Similar to Windows Explorer
    13-DEC-06 XML text node access, HTML itemRenderer
    Reads XML, builds htmlText with tags, clicking shows detail
    08-DEC-06 Expand the root node of a Tree
    Uses callLater and xml
    01-DEC-06 Calculated datagrid column using custom item object
    Use a custom object to provide a calculated column, saved to the dataProvider
    30-NOV-06 Use an itemRenderer to calculate a column value
    A custom itemRenderer calculates a value from other columns and updates the dataprovider
    29-NOV-06 How to specify the text node in dataField
    If your column data is in the text node, set dataField="*"
    29-NOV-06 DataGrid labelFunction with nested data
    Uses labelField to show data in deeply nested xml
    29-NOV-06 Simple DataGrid with XML data
    Uses dataField to specify data
    28-NOV-06 Add components programmatically with addChild()
    A "Hello, World" example using addChild to dynamically create controls
    22-NOV-06 Use timer to poll HTTPService, update DataGrid
    Uses the FlexStore catalog.xml file
    22-NOV-06 CheckBox itemRenderer
    CheckBox state is tied to dataProvider and retained when scrolled. Uses XML dataProvider
    21-NOV-06 Pass data between pop up and main application
    An example that shows two-way communication between a pop-up and its paren app.
    16-NOV-06 Sample server-side log in
    Uses jsp or aspx file to authenticate a user. Encryption example in aspx
    14-NOV-06 Move data between DataGrids
    Simple dataProvider manipulation
    14-NOV-06 How to search a Tree
    Uses e4x expression to find the node with a matching id
    13-NOV-06 Hide - Show DataGrid Columns programmatically
    Use a multi-select list to toggle the visiblilty of columns
    13-NOV-06 Dynamic DataGrid columns
    Example of how to dynamically create DataGridColumns
    31-OCT-06 Get, modify and save an XML file on the server
    Use JSP or ASP.NET HTTPService and Tree + Datagrid to edit xml file
    13-OCT-05 Dynamically create DataGrid columns from XML
    Dynamically create DataGrid columns from XML
    30-SEP-05 Mouse inactivity timer
    Set up a timer to check for mouse inactivity, raise a warning, then do a timeout
    09-SEP-05 Export DataGrid to Excel via Clipboard
    Read Flex DataGrid, build HTML and put on clipboard for export to Excel or wherever
    09-SEP-05 Connect IIS 6 and Tomcat: for J2EE newbies
    Steps, Tips, gotchas for using the Tomcat JK connector to serve Flex aps through IIS 6
    09-SEP-05 KeyDown handler on editable DataGrid
    KeyDown handler on editable DataGrid
    09-SEP-05 DG Header Filter cell renderer
    A datagrid filtering headerl renderer
    02-AUG-05 "Out of Memory" error with Tomcat
    "Out of Memory" error with Tomcat
    12-JUL-05 Using XML dataProvider with DataGrid: labelFunction
    Using XML dataProvider with DataGrid: labelFunction
    08-JUL-05 Set Initial Items of a mult-select List
    Using a delimited string, select the items in a mult-select list
    08-JUL-05 Get Mouse Position
    Get the X and Y positions of the mouse on mousedown and mousemove
    17-JUN-05 Referenceing controls within a repeater
    Change a repeated control's visibility based on checkbox
    15-JUN-05 Set the selected item for a comboBox or dataGrid
    Loop over the dataProvider items, find a match for a value, and set the current selected line
    07-JUN-05 Store multiple data service call results in array
    Store multiple data service call results in array for later access
    02-JUN-05 Use URL Request Parameters to send data to Flex App
    Using URL Request Parameters to send data to a Flex application

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